SK9S Services

Obedience Training

Classes are offered several times a week for obedience training.  The classes are six weeks of either puppy, basic, or advanced.  We teach the handler and the dog a fun, positive, and motivational way to train.  SK9S is also certified through the American Kennel Club to train and or test your dog for the certificate of a CGC (Canine Good Citizen).  Your dog does not have to be AKC registered to earn this title, it is open to all.    

Board and Train Obedience

A four week course which will result in your dog being trained in basic obedience.  Each week that your dog stays with us he/she and be trained daily in obedience and manners.  At the end of the course you will come to us and go through a short handlers course which will teach you how to handle your newly obedience trained companion.

Personal Protection Training

These classes are designed for the handler and the dog.  Not every dog will make a protection candidate so we will first evaluate your dog free of charge.  In this class your dog will be trained to alert on command or by threat.  With further training your dog will be trained to protect under any circumstance while being put into real life scenarios.  We do not rush dogs through this program, we feel that it is needed to train a well rounded and confident dog who can live with your family and also come to protect if needed.  So many trainers feel the need to rush this type of training so they can make money.  We at SK9S do not feel this way and this is why we like to take our time with you and your dog so you can have a stable protection dog who can also be around your family and friends. In the case that you do not own a dog to be trained we are more than happy to help find a dog that suites your family and needs.  In doing so we are also capable of finishing any training that is required for the dog so you can have a suitable protection trained companion. 


Patrol Dog Training

Whether your dog works with a private security company or is a police service dog we can train or fix any problems that you may encounter.  We have a certified obedience, article/ evidence searching, tracking instructor and a certified decoy to have your K9 street ready.  Southern K9 Solutions can help any K9 team train to prepare themselves for what they may encounter in the real world.  Contact us to set up your teams training and preparation.                                                  

PSD-Tracking Dog for Richmond County Sheriffs Office, GA
(Hank was owned and trained by Jay Lyda before being donated to Richmond County.)

Sport Dog Training

Specializing in Ring Sports and Schutzhund, but not limited to, Southern K9 Solutions can train your dog to be trial ready.  We offer private sessions or group sessions. 


Consultation/ Problem Solving

Behavior problems could become a big issue within the household, SK9S offers free consultation over the phone and free evaluations if you bring your dog to us.  We take pride in helping the community by correcting these unwanted problems.  So many good dogs are sent to a rescue or the animal shelter because owners simply do not understand how to remedy these issues.  Please contact us so we can help you resolve the situation so your dog can become the family companion that you have always wanted.

Dog Sales

From time to time we breed our SK9S  working dogs to produce some of the finest working lines available.  Our dogs are from proven working lines out of Europe.  We offer German Shepherd Dogs and Dutch Shepherds.  We occasionally have dogs from our litters that we have raised and trained in obedience, detection and bite work, the levels and ages vary.  Contact us to see what we have available.

Stud Dog Services

Available to approved bitches only. 


Southern K9 Solutions offers free demos to the public to exhibit dog safety and dog training.  Please contact us to set up times and dates so we can put on a demo for you.

Dog and Horse Boarding

For information on our dog and horse boarding please contact Mac McClendon.

Contact Southern K9 Solutions for prices and to set up the classes that best suits your needs.