Who We Are


Owner of Southern K9 Solutions and founder, owner and president of Veterans K9 Solutions IncJerry started training dogs at an early age, from the time he was big enough to walk he learned from his dad, this was in the early 50's. In the 60’s he helped his uncles and step-dad trained Setters, German Short Haired Pointers, Beagles and fox hounds. In those days dogs were trained to help bring food to the table and a dog that would not work was not tolerated. It was given away as a pet. He has always been around some sort of dogs as pets or their prized hunters. Jerry had always been brought up on the dog’s ability to use their nose. This ability of the dogs is what got Jerry’s motor running and after returning home from serving in the US Navy Jerry again started working with dogs. He got his first German Shepherd Dog in 1972 and you may say that this dog made it all happen. This dog was named Max. The desire of this dog to please was amazing. Max was very protective which opened another avenue of training. Schutzhund was new and not hardly any clubs around to train with. Most was learned by trial and error. This is a hard way to learn but you have to work at it to get what you want. Max passed away at thirteen and then came another and another and another. His dog Bentley is now retired at eleven but he has done everything that Jerry asked of him. Bentley has many titles from AKC obedience CD, at the AKC National GSD Specialty show in Perry Ga, Jerry and Bentley were winners of the team obedience competition  in 2001. Bentley has a HIC, CGC. They competed in Schutzhund and got their BH, SchH1 and scored highest in SchH2. They competed and titled in American Street Ring with their ASR-EL and ASR -1. Bentley injured his ACL in training so it all had to end for him. Now Bentley is Jerry’s biggest fan which goes with him to all training sessions and Bentley get his bite as always. Jerry has two other GSD Lexus and Reba. Both are titled in APPDA.  These two females are the base for the Von Der Lyda Haus Kennels. Both bitches will produce the best in working line GSD’s.  Jerry with the help of his partners and members also ran the CSRA Working Dog Club as the training director and president.  As well as running a sport dog club Jerry was also a board of director and Judge for the original American Protection and Patrol Dog Association.


Owner of Southern K9 Solutions and co-founder and vice president of Veterans K9 Solutions Inc.  As a child Jay would watch and learn as his dad Jerry would train the German Shepherd Dogs and Dobermans that they had.  While growing up and learning from his father Jay has gained extensive knowledge of the methods needed to train a dog in any venue.  He has gained an important ability in training; knowing how to read a dog.  With having this skill Jay can train any dog to the clients wishes.  Jay is an experienced obedience instructor and a certified decoy.  He has decoyed in trials, seminars, and has been the training decoy for numerous dogs who have competed and passed in ASR and APPDA.  He has also decoyed and trained countless dogs who have gone on to work as personal protection dogs, patrol service dogs and military working dogs.  Jay owns and has trained his German Shepherd Dog named Ichilles and has titled him in APPDA and to date has the highest score in PPD1.  Along with Ichilles Jay owns two Dutch Shepherds named Meisha and Chief that are training in personal protection.  Jay was the head decoy and vice president for the CSRA Working Dog Club as well as holding the title of one the board of directors for the original American Protection and Patrol Dog Association.  Jay Bird as we call him understands the importance of dedication and clear communication.  With these two elements he has brought together many K9 and handler teams.  Getting inside the dogs head and relaying this info to the handler is not something everyone has the talent for, this is what makes Jay such an asset to Southern K9 Solutions.


Owner of Heavenly Acres and is on the board of directors for Veterans K9 Solutions Inc.  Mac served in the United States Army for 27 years, 13 years active and 14 years reserve.  After active duty Mac joined the Homestead Police Department and served proudly for 22 years until his retirement.  Throughout his career he has obtained multiple decorations and ribbons including the Chief Gold Medal of Valor.  After retiring and moving to Augusta GA, Mac decided to return to the occupation that he loves and is currently a deputy for the Richmond County Sheriffs Department in Augusta.  While continuing  with his career he also spends his time still in the reserves while also running Heavenly Acres.  His biggest accomplishment though has been becoming an Ordained Pastor and serving by helping and counseling others for the past 10 years.

Mac is the owner of Heavenly Acres.  Heavenly Acres consists of dog and horse boarding with an 10 stall barn and a 16 run indoor/outdoor climate controlled kennel.  The property sits on 62 acres of pastures and a K9 training arena.   Mac has the ability to rehabilitate and fix behavior problem dogs.  Heavenly acres is the location that Southern K9 Solutions holds their training.  Along side with running the kennels Mac owns and trains his personal Belgian Malinois and Cane Corsos.  Two of Macs Mals are trained and have been titled in French Ring as well as being trained for personal protection. 

-For information on horse and dog boarding only please contact Mac McClendon.



I grew up in northern California, in a small town called Oakley. It is located on the Sacramento River.  I grew up as a hunter and spent many seasons hunting ducks, pheasants and other game birds.  My dog training started at a young age working with Chesapeake Bay retrievers as flushing dogs, as with any hunting dog, obedience is the key.  After high school, I joined the military (USN) and served my first two years aboard the USS John C. Stennis CVN 74, where I was then deployed to the gulf during Operation Iraq Freedom. After that deployment, I screened for Navy Expeditionary Combat Command and was selected to become a Riverine. I was stationed in Little Creek, Virginia. I finished my career after serving a total of eight years. I then moved to Georgia and currently am a police officer. I have two German Shepherd dogs: one male (Thais) and a female (Ava). Ava is my protection dog and we have been training with Southern K9 Solutions since she was a puppy. She started with obedience and we have worked her up to protection.  Along the way, I have become a handler and decoy working alongside Jay and Jerry Lyda.  I have always enjoyed training dogs and am glad to have become part of the Southern K9 Solutions team in training obedience, protection, and patrol dogs.  

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