Serving the CSRA since 2009 with over 60 years combined experience

Southern K9 Solutions is a company based on family and moral values.  Being a father and son team the commitment that Jerry Lyda and Jay Lyda have to each other and the dogs that they train runs very deep.  Being able to spend time together and doing what they love is a gift not many people can experience.  With having such a gift it is easy to see why the two are always on the training field together with smiles and laughter coming from them.  Its not hard to see why they have earned the reputation over the years of being such fun people to train with and learn from while staying true to their honesty and integrity.  With the experience that they have its no wonder why a father has the confidence to send a dog to apprehend his son;  that's just not something that you hear of everyday.  It has also been joked that "them Lyda boys will train anything", the breed of a dog does not matter to the duo, what matters is the eagerness of the dog to want to please, learn, and work.  Unlike people, dogs do not have an option of how they turn out, it is up to us as trainers to work with a dog to make sure that there is a good outcome, and it does not matter what the desire or goal of the handler is because we are able to meet the needs of  your wishes.  That's why when it comes to training you will not find a more committed nor devoted company to help with all of your canine needs.  Thank you for taking the time to see what Southern K9 Solutions is about and we look forward to helping you and working with you in the future.


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